Support and guidance for families and friends...

We provide private and confidential support and guidance for family members of residents of the rehab. Support for the whole family is included as part of our residential placements and is integral to the overall programme of recovery. 

We understand the stigma, isolation and the guilt that family members can carry associated with drug and alcohol addiction in the family and we know it's so difficult to open up and talk to anyone about the problems you are facing.

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Our family support is provided by staff who have their own personal experience of coping with family members in addiction.

We have been providing family member support for many years and we understand what is required to make a difference and enable the changes in behaviour that are required, both in the person with the addiction problem and the family member's approach in order to progress recovery for the family.

We can address any questions families may have about addiction, the behaviours of someone in addiction and identify the best and most effective course of action for the family and the person in addiction.

Recovery is all about change, so while a loved one is going through that process of change and recovery we believe it’s essential that the families are also helped.

"When a family member or friend is able and confident to provide the correct support and encouragement to an addict or alcoholic it can have a significant and incredible effect in assisting them in their recovery."